Full-Stack Web Developer

Samuli Linnankoski

Hey there! I've led product development teams, built massively scalable systems and helped all from early-stage startups to publicly traded companies in Finland in growing their business.

I'm available for freelancing through a company I run, Neatbit Ltd.

What I Do

Full-Stack Development

Backend? Frontend? Databases? No matter what you're building and what your tech stack is, I'm confident I can help you. With years of hands-on experience architecting complex cloud and standalone applications I'm equipped to help with whatever you can throw at me.

Team Lead

Need someone to lead your development? Or maybe build a new team and hire the right people? I'm a highly enthusiastic person that has the required skills, experience and vision to make it happen. During the last two years my coworkers have rated me at 9.6 (scale 1-10) for "How likely would you be to recommend Samuli to a colleague?".


I've led the development of an eCommerce platform and I'm also familiar with Shopify. Additionally I've run my own Amazon.com based business for a couple of years. On top of that I have done a fair share of marketing, A/B testing, growth hacking and advertising on the way.

Audits & Reviews

During my professional career I've done countless code reviews and quality audits to assess everything from small pieces of code to large enterprise systems. I have a great understanding of the most popular JS frameworks, design patterns, object oriented and functional programming, distributed services, API design and many others.

Coding Skills


14+ years

Microsoft .NET / C#

16+ years


13+ years


8+ years

Other Skills

UI Design and Prototyping

5+ years

Product management

2+ years

Business development & marketing

3+ years


2+ years

Some of my recent work

Development team lead

I have worked as a lead developer as well as a supervisor and team leader for a team of 3-5 developers. As a team lead I have been involved in strategical business decisions, prioritization, backlog management and recruitment. I have consistently received high evaluations from my team e.g. for fairness, expertise and trust towards others.

Order automation and management

I built an order automation and management system for a Finnish startup. It has been in production use for several years and has proved it's robustness by processing over 180k orders so far. The sytem consists of a cloud service with back- and frontends and multiple 3rd party integrations.

Custom eCommerce platform

I've been part of the team that designed and developed a custom eCommerce platform. The platform had unique requirements related to subscription management, scalability and peformance. It runs a load balanced .NET core backend in Kubernetes (GCP) with a static React/Gatsby frontend.

Clinical test analysis

I had the main responsibility for developing a software to analyze the results of a PCR (laboratory) test for an international multi-billion dollar company. Work required understanding of a complex domain and adhering to strict quality guidelines and schedules.

Technological consultance & training

I consulted and held a training for a development team of a Finnish publicly traded company. The training was mostly related to the choice of their frontend framework. This required clear communication and presentation skills in addition to deep technical knowledge and understanding their specific business goals.

POS application

I was responsible for developing a point-of-sales application in React for a Finnish bank which required a good understanding of usability and data security among others. The application handled 1000+ sales per week.

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